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Monday, April 10, 2006

What I'd say

My first post. Impressive :)

This thought keep buzzing for quite a long time me so I have to let people know. The whole idea is that what we write today may or will be kept for a undefined period of time. Because storage is just so cheap nowadays. Let me detail my findings:

Let's suppose that an occasionnal writer produces 10 mails a day. Each mail weights no more than 1 kB of (valuable) data. Which gives a total of 4 MB/year.

How may people are we on the Internet ? Roughly, 1 billion or so (huu ! I realize there's a lot to read each day!). Well, that makes up 4,000 TB/year. 400, 000 TB for a century.

Think it's a lot? Guess why... given a GB is only worth 0,5 $ or €, storing all the mails for all the people in the world for a century only costs m$ 200. Such amount of money may not be left on your account, nor in you pocket, but for sure this is affordable for fortune 500 companies. Not talking about govs...

Now care about you say, and see you then.


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